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Don’t judge

Today was my first day back at work after the aforementioned crazy back stuff…my goodness it was quite hard to keep going all day! I am now crashed out on the sofa, quite relaxed because I am full of all the painkillers I needed to take at work but couldn’t because they make me spacey! Was quite a good day, my colleagues were lovely and not at all mad that I left them in the lurch, and it wasn’t too busy but just busy enough, if you know what I mean.

Onto the food…a quick post tonight because I am very drugged! Now I know I promised you pictures, and I even TOOK THEM, darn it, but I don’t know where the cable is to upload them from camera to laptop and Andy, king of cables, is out for the evening 😦 So you are just going to have to trust me that I took them, accept my apologies that I didn’t upload photos today, and not judge me for being hopeless with cables!

B: scrambled egg on toast, extra toast with honey, half grapefruit, OJ

L: basic salad (spinach, carrots, cucumber, tomatoes) with flaked almonds and drizzle of olive oil, pot of 2% greek yogurt (LOVE that stuff!), tropical crunch granola (LOVE that stuff too! first time trying it), strawberries and grapes

D: stir fry with tiny amount of brown rice, half a chicken breast, peppers, courgette, carrot and baby sweetcorn in ginger, sweet chilli and soy sauce. Plus organic fruit yogurt for pudding.

Snacks: Apple and mini babybel in afternoon, 3 x shrimps after dinner (oops – the pink foamy ones) and later I’m going to have a small granny smith with some yogurt.

Total cals: 1684

Man, it’s been 2 days eating healthy like this, I feel good but can’t shake the feeling that this is never going to make a difference, I’m going to be stuck being fat forever…I really need some motivation! Off to read some blogs of people with more willpower than me to try and find some!


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WARNING: This post is muchos boring! Sorry, must do better…see end of post…

Today’s food:

B: 1.5 eggs scrambled with wholegrain toast plus small apple, half a banana and glass of OJ

Snack: half a nakd choc orange bar

L: risotto with red pepper, peas and mushroom, with 4 sticks asparagus; strawberries and spoon of half fat creme fraiche

Snack: one ‘bear’ fruit yo-yo

D: apple, blueberries and 2% greek yogurt with apple crumble granola, plus 1 piece of wholegrain toast and honey

(yes, I went to waitrose and stocked up on healthy snacks for lunches, trying some out today!)

Total: 1650 cals

…it’s not that exciting to read, is it?! Maybe I’ll take photos instead?!??!?

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We’re just back from a holiday in Yorkshire with Andy’s extended family – we stayed in a wing of a country mansion house which was AMAZING, with plenty of space for the kids to run around. The party included Andy’s parents, his brother + wife + two daughters (aged 2, and 6 months), his sister + husband + two sons (aged 4, and 5 months) and the two of us. It was great fun but it was mental! The kids had a ball, and much as they are lovely we are very glad to be home in our quiet, kid-free house! I think it’s safe to say we’re in no rush to have kids after this experience!

While we were away we did some sightseeing, visited a few museums (plus York Minster which I think is the most gorgeous building ever), but mostly Andy and I relaxed and read books while the others ran around with the kids. But I think the thing we all did most was……….ATE!!! My goodness, this family knows how to indulge on holiday! It was my first trip away with the in-laws and I have to say they don’t hold back! I think I ate enough to feed a small army most days, and that is not including the obligatory tray-bakes that were brought along. It was great fun, but by the end I was craving vegetables and feeling like a whale!

So I was dreading the Sunday weigh-in today…and rightly so. I’m up 2.5lb on my pre-holiday weight and in a disastrous new stone bracket.

Now, I’ve been reading food blogs for a while now, and lots of healthy living-style blogs, and I’ve always thought how nice it would be to be able to eat like that, but because most of the blogs are American I don’t know what half of the stuff they eat is (EVOO, anyone? Cilantro? Garbanzo beans? What?!??!?), and a lot of the other stuff we just don’t get here in the UK (squashes mostly) so I’ve always just admired from afar. I know this is a poor excuse for not eating well, but people, I need snacky things! Healthy ones at that. And mostly the stuff mentioned on these blogs is not available.

BUT I have recently come across a really good BRITISH HEALTHY BLOG!!! Now don’t get excited, I know there are hundreds out there, not least Dietgirl who I have been reading for years (I’m counting her as British now!), but I had not come across any about whom I thought ‘wow, I want to eat like you eat!’. Anyway I’ve started reading this blog, and after reading a few entries, I thought, why can’t I eat like this? There’s absolutely no reason. None at all. It’s totally up to me that I eat rubbish and feel sluggish and am overweight. It really doesn’t help that I’ve been off work for ages with a crazy back thing (although don’t worry, I seem to have a very mild version) and a lot of back pain so haven’t been able to exercise, but really there’s no excuse for eating like Homer Simpson.

So, to this end, I have decided it’s about time I stopped faffing about and got on with this business of being healthy and getting to a healthy weight. Yes, I know, that’s what this blog is supposed to be about, but I’ve still been wasting time. So, starting today, I’ll be posting what I eat, plus exercise when I can get back to it (might try swimming at the mo), with a rough calorie total, and weigh-in results on Sundays. Haven’t quite worked up the nerve to put the MASSIVE number of my current weight up there, but in due course I may reveal it!

Also I promise to put some photos up here at some point, all words is well dull.

So that’s it! I’ll try and write about stuff here more often (it’s a good outlet for frustration) and post what I’m eating as often as I can. And hopefully, at LONG FRICKIN’ LAST I’ll start to see some progress!

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Dear Me/You/Self,

So, well done, you are still alive after 27 whole years! Feels like a long time, huh? Here are some things I hope you have learned over this time, and some advice I have for you – listen to me, I know you pretty well 😉

  • All in all, you are doing okay. Think of how blessed you are, stop wanting everything to be perfect.
  • There is more to life than what size your clothes are.
  • Cut yourself some slack. I know you feel like having been ill/injured and off work recently infers some kind of character weakness on your behalf, but it doesn’t. Everybody gets ill. Stop worrying.
  • You don’t have to like running just because everyone else seems to. Exercise is supposed to be enjoyable – you love swimming, boxing and weights. Do these things. They will make you much happier about working out.
  • You love salad. Eat it every day. And well done for learning to like oatcakes – you will not regret it!
  • Read more books – you love to read, but you neglect it for internet faffing. Much like you are doing now! Go and READ A BOOK instead!
  • There is NO RUSH to have a baby. You feel like there is, because of all the babies other people are having, but just because they are having babies doesn’t mean you have to RIGHT NOW. Wait until you are ready to give up being spontaneous, sleeping in, having a tidy house, having a quiet house, and being able to give the baby back! It’s a massive commitment. There’s plenty of time.
  • Take more photos. You’ve got a great camera and you enjoy taking pictures. However, don’t look at life through the camera lens – don’t forget to appreciate the things you are looking at, as well as trying to get a good shot.
  • Buy fewer magazines. You seem to crave them, but you are not sure what it is you are craving, and most of them are crap. Andy is right about celeb magazines – they will rot your brain. Listen to him.
  • Actually, in general, listen to Andy. He loves you, he wants the best for you, he knows you sometimes better than you know yourself, and he listens to your mad ramblings. He is eternally sensible, wise and lovely.

I think that’s enough for you to be going on with. You are a simple creature really, I don’t want to fry your little brain! Essentially, my message is: relax. Everything is alright. Don’t worry.

Have a great year.

With love,


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